Monday, 13 September 2010

25th Anniversary of Mario

My love for Mario started at the age of four when I can remember sitting next to my dad watching him playing Super Mario World on his SNES for days on end. These precious memories made me what I am today as a full time gamer and Mario fanatic. My most favoured memory of any Mario game is the first time I laid my eyes on Yoshi, breaking from him egg, which started a whole new feature to be developed further as later Mario games were developed such as the great Super Mario Galaxy 2.

I too have been greatly excited about the celebration of 25 years of Mario, so in commemoration to this, I did not bake a cake, but instead I though I would create something that would last a little longer that a few seconds, so instead I used my time to cross stitch this piece.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Toy Story Alien

I've loved Toy Story all my life and I've been one of those kids who is now 17 and has waited the 15 years or whatever for the 3rd film. So in preparation for its release I designed and made this.


Wednesday, 28 July 2010

My HUGE 1UP quilt + Cushion

This was a Project I around June time and I've now just finished it. So enjoy :) I also made a smaller Cushion with the left over material to go with it : )

The Cushion

Me and the Quilt. Tis HUGE!!!
The Quilt

Saturday, 17 July 2010


I made these Cushions AGESSS ago using some old Mario curtains I found on ebay, and as I dont have any decent windows for curtains, I think I've put them to good use : )

My Other Birthday Cake

I came to realise that for one's 17th birthday that one cake will not do. So as a solution to this, along side with my Morph Ball cake I baked, I asked my girlfriend to also bake me a cake, and so after stealing my NES controller necklace to copy, she set to work. She slaved away in the Kitchen for two whole days to produce me this incredibly, luxurious NES Controller cake, filled with strawberry jam and butter cream then decorated it with her icing pens and all. It was truly appreciated as it tasted a lot better than the cake I made myself.

Saturday, 10 July 2010


There is only a certain number of times you can get away with getting the same old boring cakes from the supermarkets, so this time, being as it is my birthday in a few days I thought I would bake myself a special birthday cake. Being as I'm soon to be seventeen, I originally thought to bake a Mario Kart cake to sow that I can now learn to drive but I saw that this was donein a previous issue, so instead I baked this Morph Ball cake, surrounded by baby Metroids, ready to drain the cream and jam filling. I assure you, it is delicious.

ME with the Cake
Surrounding Metroids

Thursday, 8 July 2010

More Cross Stitches

Here's some more I did recently : )

I felt i was being too strict when it came to keeping with sprites so I changed a few for a difference

PURPLE koopa troopa??!?!?!?!
8 Bit Samus custom sprite wearing the PED suit from Metroid Prime 3 : Corruption
Where the SHELL would I be without you?

Thursday, 1 July 2010


Ok, so they're not exactly real :P I made these out of plastcine and tied them to a jar which I filled with water and put blue food colouring in for effect :P

Bigger Metroid I made

Smaller Metroid
Both Metroids side-by-side

Samus Aran Cross Stitch

8 Bit Samus cross stitch i recently completed

Saturday, 26 June 2010


To make these I followed a simple cake making recipe, then for decoration I used blue food colouring for the icing, three red Skittles for the eyes and for the claws, those banana sweets you can buy quite cheaply :)


More Cross Stitches I've recently completed

Here's some more Cross Stitches I've recently completed :)

Custom Sprite 8 Bit Styled Travis Touchdown

'Get a Life!!' Well now I've got one!!!

2 Girls, 1 Up

Friday, 11 June 2010

My Amazing New NES Controller Necklace

Ok so I bought a faulty NES controller of Ebay pretty cheaply just so that I could make this.

I added no extra pieces or parts so its completely 'organic'
I opened the controller with a screwdriver and filed two small holes, on adjacent to the normal wire hole and the other one underneath
I then cut down the wire and made a loop so the socket bit stuck out of the bottom

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Some cookies I made

Ok so I made these Cookies with my younger brother so they are slightly crude, but through our team work im proud of them :p

 All the cookies in one

Sunday, 6 June 2010

A few Cross Stitches for variety

Ok so these are some of the Cross stitches I've also recently made

Again i used the sprite sheets to create these

So enjoy

Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow Sprites
(This is still in working progress and will soon be fun
of sprites including Jessie and James)
L-->R Hero, Pikachu, Prof Oak, Gary

Spoof on the pressing up on the D-Pad whilst playing as him in Super Smash Bros. melee to let me release that ear piercing annoying HIIIIII!!!!! sound
Link from the original The Legend of Zelda, holding the Triforce
Zelda a Link to the Past Boss Key
 (I made this whilst i was waiting for my Hama Beads to be delievered so i could make the proper necklace)
The Laughing Man Logo from Ghost in the Shell : Stand Alone Complex 1st Gig (I did it all Free hand with no pattern)

First Crafts to kick off this blog

Ok so to kick off my newly revamped Blog I thought I'd upload the crafts i made today

To make these I used Hama Beads then a small zip tie looped around the top which can have a chain or necklace posted through it

These are inspired by Bamiyan's work from

Mamu the Frog from Links Awakening

Super Mario Land style Mario
Super Metroid (colour editted) Metroid
Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow Hero
Zelda a Link to the Past styled Boss Key
Metroid Screw Attack ball
Glow in the Dark Space Invaders

Me, Myself and I :)

Ok so this is to build on what’s already in my profile

Hi I’m Aaron Jinks (nickname – Azay hence my user name); I’m nearly 17 and am a Video Game fanatic. I’ve been playing games since around the age of 3. Video Games are my life, I can’t go a day with out playing one or at least having one with me where ever I go, may be ‘sad’ I know but that’s life so, yeah great. I like to make videos with friends whenever possible and videos myself as well as writing and sometimes filming game reviews After the recent downfall of our gaming website I’ve recently started to miss writing these game reviews so to aid this I may publish them on here in some form, I don’t know yet, I’m new to all this stuff :P I also like to write various stories my latest one being a Ghost in the Shell : Innocence prequel.

I’m a huge Mario, Zelda and Metroid fan mainly but enjoy most games.

Now at first instance I know I sound a bit of a hermit but I do enjoy going for nights out and I do Karate whenever I can in which I’m a 1st Dan Black Belt in, this being probably the biggest achievement of my life, along with completing Super Mario World in 14 minutes (only 4 minutes of the world record time ¬¬).

Recently I’ve picked up a few of my favourite hobbies (besides Video Gaming) again, some examples being Cross Stitching and Hama beading. Through websites such as, my inspiration has grown with ideas on how to bring both Video Gaming and my other Hobbies together. I will be uploading examples of my art work which at the moment is only small yet soon I hope for it to grow into much bigger projects, because I do get bored VERY VERY easily. That’s probably my worst feature. At least in creating this Blog for who ever wants to read it is something to channel my boredom into to make something constructive out of it.

My music taste once again stretches a wide spectrum from people like Marilyn Manson to Nickelback etc etc but as you can probably guess from above I have a passion for video game music especially Zelda remixes and retro 8 bit tunes.

I’m completely outgoing and am not embarrassed to do anything. I just love to act myself in what ever situation I’m put in, and again if you don’t like it then it’s tough, I am my own person. Food wise I will eat anything bar salted peanuts, odd I know :P

So any questions about me, my artwork, or anything just drop me and email or add me on Xbox LIVE, my gamer tag’s – samus aaron

Azay 'Samus Aaron' Jinks

I've now set up a new blog for Video Game reviews which is